S01 E03: Kylie Newberry, Our Food System

In this episode we hear from Kylie Newberry, a writer, speaker, advocate and founder of Our Food System. Kylie has over 15 years experience as a Public Health Nutritionist, holds a MSc in Food Policy and is part of the Brisbane Fair Food Alliance, with the Brisbane Food City initiative a recent semi-finalist in the global Food Systems Vision Prize.

We talk about food system resilience to shock, why food is so complex, power and influence in food systems and policy, food environments and food citizenship. Special shout out to the Currawongs singing in Kylie’s garden. You can find Kylie at Our Food System, on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can find Brisbane Food City on Instagram and at the Food System Vision Prize.

You can find us at onebitepod.com and @onebitepod across social media.

Links to things mentioned in the episode: Professor Tim Lang; Aus Gov on feeding 75 million; Food Connect Brisbane; Spray-Free Farmacy; Echo Valley Farm; The resilience of long and short food chains: a case study of flooding in Queensland, Australia (Smith et al., 2016); Review of the Australian Dietary Guidelines; National Food Plan; Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance and the Peoples’ Food Plan; Need for Strategic Food Policy in Australia; EAT Lancet; ABC Fight for Planet A; Effect of restricted retail merchandising of discretionary food and beverages on population diet (Brimblecombe et al., 2020); Eating Right Here: Moving from Consumer to Food Citizen (Wilkins, 2005); Share Waste; The Worm Monger; Greater Sydney Plan.

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