S01 E07: Alice Zaslavsky, food literacy advocate

In this episode we hear from Alice Zaslavsky, a food literacy advocate, resident Culinary Correspondent for ABC News Breakfast and ABC Radio, author of In Praise of Veg, Alice’s Food A-Z, and creator of Phenomenom!.

We talk about food literacy and education, the cultural disconnect from food, aspirational food media, ‘othering’ of veg, how we label and communicate about food and bringing pleasure back into eating. You can follow Alice on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and In Praise of Veg and Phenomenom! on Instagram.

You can find us at onebitepod.com and @onebitepod across social media.

Links to things mentioned in the episode: Click for Vic; Celebrity Sandwich; Taste Dining at Home; Maslow’s Hierarchy; Orthorexia; Pretty Healthy Food: How and When Aesthetics Enhance Perceived Healthiness (Hagen, 2020); Healthy is (not) tasty? Implicit and explicit associations between food healthiness and tastiness in primary school-aged children and parents with a lower socioeconomic position (van der Heijden et al., 2020); Michael Pollen; How do children make food choices? Using a think-aloud method to explore the role of internal and external factors on eating behaviour (Ogden & Roy-Stanley, 2019); food and mood; Simon Bryant; The Cook & the Chef; Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program; UV light; Jane Grigson; Cornersmith; Massimo Bottura.

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