S01 E09: Jen Sheridan, Open Food Network

In this episode we hear from Jen Sheridan, a Director of Open Food Network Australia (OFN). Jen has a background in journalism and academia, including as a researcher on the Know Your Foodbowl project at Deakin University and the Foodprint Melbourne project at the University of Melbourne. She currently leads a number of federally funded food system development projects in Victoria and works with communities and enterprises to create thriving regional food systems that are fair and transparent.

We talk about the what the Open Food Network is, developing a food mycelium network, the impacts of COVID, connecting stranded produce, dignity in food relief, community supported agriculture (CSA), how short supply networks build resilience, the invisibility of short supply networks in Australia and OFN Global. You can find Jen on Instagram and Twitter, OFN Australia on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

You can find us at onebitepod.com and @onebitepod across social media.

Links to things mentioned in the episode: OFN resource library; OFN Regenerative Agriculture library; Strathbogie Local; Prom Coast Food Collective; mycelium; permaculture; Moving Feast; CSA; OFN COVID survey; harvest scheme workers ABC News; WWOOFers; power in food distribution in Australia; Australian food security; ACCC supermarket exemption; The resilience of long and short food chains: a case study of flooding in Queensland, Australia (Smith et al., 2016); Fawkner Commons; Melbourne Covid-19 tower lockdown The Guardian; externalised costs; Sustainable Development Goals; TEEB; Mozilla COVID-19 Solutions Fund Award.

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