S01 E10: Amy Lawton & Liz Millen, Australia’s Right to Food Coalition

In this episode we hear from Amy Lawon and Liz Millen from Australia’s Right to Food Coalition. Amy and Liz are both founding members of the Coalition, which started in 2014 and exists to advocate for the human right to nutritious food for all Australians. Amy is a social researcher who has focused on a number of food related issues. Liz worked for 20 years in Sydney Health District with a team dedicated to improving food security through local projects.

We talk about the Coalitions work, the impact of COVID on their network, what we can learn from this ‘natural experiment’, the scale of food insecurity in Australia, the socioeconomic and political drivers, the implications of hunger for children, the problem with relying on food charity and some alternative approaches. You can find Australia’s Right to Food Coalition on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the food relief directory here.

You can find us at onebitepod.com and @onebitepod across social media.

Links to things mentioned in the episode: Fundamental human right to food; Snapshot of hunger in Australia Foodbank; OzHarvest; Will Australian charities be COVID-19 casualties or partners in recovery? SVA & CSI; The prevalence, severity and experience of food insecurity in Australia: An investigation of food aid use (McKay et al., 2020); Food insecurity and socioeconomic disadvantage in Australia (Seivwright et al., 2020); ‘I Can Finally Eat Fresh Fruit And Vegetables’ ACOSS; Impact of COVID-19 on food insecurity in the Greater Sydney and Illawarra region (Craven & Meyer, 2020); Cost of Living; COVID-19: Impacts on casual workers; SDG2 Zero Hunger; FoodBank Hunger Report 2020; Understanding food insecurity in Australia Child Family Community Australia; FoodBank Child Hunger in Australia; HILDA Survey; Inequality in Australia ACOSS; Unemployment surges in Australia’s more affluent suburbs and inner-city areas ABC; FoodLab Sydney.

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