S01 Epilogue

That’s a wrap for season 1 of One Bite. Thanks to Jaimee, Vanessa, Kylie, Costa, Sinead, Gabrielle, Alice, Tammi, Jen, Amy, Liz, Jess, Lee Tran and Tyson for your time, story, knowledge and expertise. Thanks to my academic advisors Alana Mann and Michelle St Anne from the Sydney Environment Institute.

Thank you for listening, following, engaging, sharing and reaching out. The response has been a bit overwhelming, but I am so glad this project has reached so many people and is starting conversations. Stay interested and engaged, challenge the status quo, ask questions, get active, have conversations, connect and take back agency.

I am not sure what 2021 holds but would like to be able to bring you another season of One Bite and continue to connect and build something bigger. Keep in touch at onebitepod.com and @onebitepod across social media.

It’s been a pleasure, see you next time, bye.

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