S01 Epilogue

That’s a wrap for season 1 of One Bite. Thanks to Jaimee, Vanessa, Kylie, Costa, Sinead, Gabrielle, Alice, Tammi, Jen, Amy, Liz, Jess, Lee Tran and Tyson for your time, story, knowledge and expertise. Thanks to my academic advisors Alana Mann and Michelle St Anne from the Sydney Environment Institute. Thank you for listening, following,Continue reading “S01 Epilogue”

S01 E08: Tammi Jonas, Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance

In this episode we hear from Tammi Jonas, an agroecological ‘ethicurian’ farmer of heritage-breed pigs and cattle, and president of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA). Tammi is very active in the global fight for food sovereignty, advocating in numerous UN governing bodies. She is undertaking a PhD at the University of Western Australia onContinue reading “S01 E08: Tammi Jonas, Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance”

S01 E07: Alice Zaslavsky, food literacy advocate

In this episode we hear from Alice Zaslavsky, a food literacy advocate, resident Culinary Correspondent for ABC News Breakfast and ABC Radio, author of In Praise of Veg, Alice’s Food A-Z, and creator of Phenomenom!. We talk about food literacy and education, the cultural disconnect from food, aspirational food media, ‘othering’ of veg, how we label andContinue reading “S01 E07: Alice Zaslavsky, food literacy advocate”

S01 E05: Sinead Boylan, University of Sydney

In this episode we hear from Dr Sinead Boylan, a nutritional epidemiologist and inter-disciplinary researcher at the intersection of food systems, health and the environment. Sinead is the Executive Officer for the Climate Change, Human Health and Social Impacts Node at the University of Sydney, Executive Director of the Sydney Food and Nutrition Network and coordinatorContinue reading “S01 E05: Sinead Boylan, University of Sydney”

S01 E04: Costa Georgiadis, Gardening Australia

In this episode we hear from Costa Georgiadis, host and presenter of Gardening Australia, landscape architect, environmental educator, garden gnome and lover of the planet. We talk about pandemic gardening, complex systems, resilience, local food, education, regeneration and get philosophical about the power of gardening. You can find Costa on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, ABC TVContinue reading “S01 E04: Costa Georgiadis, Gardening Australia”

S01 E02: Vanessa, independent supermarket

In this episode we hear from Vanessa, a food lover, avid (beginner) gardener, fellow Master of Sustainability student and employee at an independent food retailer. Vanessa is part of their graduate program working on sustainability, responsible supply chains, and product development. Her professional interest is how we can make fair, sustainable, and nutritious food systemsContinue reading “S01 E02: Vanessa, independent supermarket”

Food System Resilience in the Time of Change

This article originally appeared on the Sydney Environment Institute’s blog. “Our collective response to the Covid-19 pandemic must plant the seed for more resilient, more sustainable food systems” David Beasley, Executive Director of the World Food Programme[1] Food is connection and sustenance, it is cultural, social, ethical, political and a fundamental human right. In theContinue reading “Food System Resilience in the Time of Change”

Podcast Trailer

Exciting things have been happening here at One Bite HQ, interviews are well under way and the trailer episode is live. You can find the podcast where ever you like to listen (Apple, Google, Spotify and more) and follow us across all the socials @onebitepod.

Project Overview: Food system Resilience and COVID-19

Food security is a pressing issue, but it is an issue that is largely invisible in countries like Australia. Most Australian’s haven’t faced food insecurity and the system shields the issue with shelves that are always stocked, fresh produce without seasonality, vague provenance and little or no indication of the social or environmental impacts, withContinue reading “Project Overview: Food system Resilience and COVID-19”

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